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Residential/commercial HumiCon

쾌청 휴미컨 관련 사진
  • A comfortable and pleasant feeling is greatly influenced
    by the humidity as well as the temperature
  • Seoul and Athens (Mediterranean climate) summer differences are
    due to humidity
  • Until now, air-conditioning technology has relied mainly on air cooling,
  • Large indoor and outdoor temperature difference causes air-conditioning, and excessive cooling is required to reduce humidity.
  • With conventional electric dehumidifiers, the humidity decreases
    but the temperature rises greatly, which is the oppositeof what is desired.
  • HumiCon (Humidity conditioning) technology reduces humidity rather than the temperature to provide comfort
  • Reduces the problem of air-conditioning by decrease in the indoor / outdoor temperature difference
  • Power consumption is reduced by more than 50% compared with conventional air conditioning technology